miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

This great feeling.

En primer lugar vais a tener que disculparme aquellas personas que lean mi blog y no entiendan bien el inglés. Esta entrada la voy a escribir en inglés, por el simple y mero hecho de que me está naciendo así, por dentro, y siento que en esta ocasión las palabras que brotan de mis dedos son más verdaderas y profundas en ese idioma. Quizá parte de culpa de esto, la tenga buh...

There's a lot of things in life that make us feel great, that makes us feel well. But undeniably, the most incredible feeling comes from the realization that I've met someone special. This doesn't mean that I fall in love with them, but that I aknowledge from the very beginning that they are a good match for my personality and that they are someone I certainly  will enjoy talking with, about everything and anything, while this allows me to discover a bit more about their personalities step by step.
It's the mistery behind the person, the not knowing if they still have a few cards under their sleeves, the hunger for more time with them.
This is a feeling I've liked since forever, I've always been interested in other people, in knowing them, unrevealing their hidden misteries (which everyone has,to an extent at least) and making this people a part of my life in the process. But this doesn't happen with just anyone I meet, it happens only with some specific individuals I've met in my life. And what they all have in common is that, the first time I had contact with them, I felt it, that undescribable feeling that makes me know they are someone worth of my time, worth of getting known, the feeling that makes me think that, no matter what or how, I want them in my life.

Perhaps, if I fall in love with them (which can happen at times), I'll wish for them to be in my life as something more than just good friends. But even if that doesn't happen, I'll still wish for them to  be my friends, because these persons are above all that stuff. These persons, who are only a few, are just the people I want to have by my side, one way or the other, because I feel it. I can feel the link that makes them so important to me and when they are far away it feels wrong, as if something was missing, and my mind forces itself to imagine them in order to comfort and appease my soul. It's a very complicated thing to explain, it's even a very complicated thing to feel... but it's as real as the computer you are reading this from. I swear, it's just that much real, nearly tangible.

I guess some of you are wondering what is this all about, and why did I write about this out of the blue. I just wondered that myself, I just wondered why did I have the urge to write all this to describe a feeling that not even I can complety grasp. Well... the reason is... that not long ago, I got to know someone, and I kinda had this feeling, again, after nearly ONE year without feeling it. That feeling telling me that only good things can come from knowing her more and more. She certainly has my interest and attention, from the first day I heard her voice, she had my attention. Shocked me from the start, and keeps surprising me every day, and I'm sure that's only the tip of the iceberg that there is for me to find.

So I'm happy, and for what it's worth, this was my way to share it with you all. I hope this feeling lasts, and It will, as long as the other person doesn't run away from my life.

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