jueves, 18 de agosto de 2016


So many mistakes, so many errors and decissions that shouldn't have been made...But even if things didn't end up as we wanted and we hoped. I have to admit this is a mistake I'd go over and over again with. Not becase I love you still and I think loving you is the best thing in the world. Which I honestly do.

And now, if fate wants it, I'll find a way back to you. And this time will be a new first time, with a different me and a different you. Like the first hello once again, but with all the love and trust we've built throughout this time and the situations we've lived. But because even if now things have ended, I've got to know and understand you better than ever, because now you're free and you can seek your happiness for real. I'm marvelled that I can still learn more about you.

If you could see yourself as I see you, even if for just a moment, you would never doubt yoursefl again. Because you would see that there's nothing out there that shinnes more than you do.
~Forever you.~