sábado, 25 de enero de 2014


I was walking down that long street, I had only once walked that same street before, but was in such a rush back that day that I did never stop to look at the different shops and structures that could be found in it. Buildings were somewhat antique looking, and the shops' contents varied so much that I seriously wondered if that street would have everything one could be looking for. That thought made me smile, like no other thought would, as the image of Ayrun settled in my mind. "That's one thing I wouldn't find here, and is the one I'm looking for the most"
It was a cloudy day, but not enough that one would expect rain, the weather had been crazy lately though, and it would've not surprised me much if by the end of the day some raining happened. Not that I would've minded in any case.

It was still 4.45pm, and I knew I still had 15 minutes to reach the square to make it in time. To make it in time, eventhough no one was waiting for me. I walked at a slow pace, eyeing every shop and person that crossed my path, absent-mindedly, as if nothing of what was happening around me would have any effect on me in any way, thinking on how would things go, trying to imagine the many things that could happen that day. Once Ayrun's image settled in my mind, it was very unlikely that it would just go away. I liked that.
You see, I had never seen Ayrun in person, so for me, thinking about her was as real as it could get.
I kept walking towards the square, reminiscing some of the best moments we had together, hearing the sweet tone of her voice again inside of my head, as if she was right next to me. Her laughter, always so easy for me to cause, always so easy to let it invade my own body with a feeling of cozziness. Her cunningness, which was often hiden behind her sense of humour, was one of the most appealing things to me. I was sure she knew well how to find her way with words, how to understand anything I always wanted to say even before I had finished my sentences. We had connected since the very beginning, and we both knew. We both felt it.

I woke up from my deaydreaming when I reached the square, so wide and ample that for a moment I feared I would not be able to spot her, specialy if it kept crowding as it was at that moment. 5pm, right in time. I knew she liked that park, that she would go for a walk and linger purposedly on that spot, simply because she liked it. "What more of a reason would she need?" I asked myself in thoughts "I like her, and that's only reason I'd need to linger around her" I answered to myself, again in thoughts, at the same time a stupid smile built up on my face. Her charm was not dispeled yet, that witch.

I wandered around the park, casualy, and It took me a while to find her amongst the crowd, but there she was, dressed with jeans and a brown jacket. Her hair, almost tamed, was waving softly because of the wind that had just started to pick up. I froze on the spot, I felt the tickles inside of my tummy, I felt how suddenly my frozen body erupted into a hot volcano, my blood being bumped fast and strong by my now fully functional heart. And I say now, because usualy my heart bumps only blood, but I'm certain at that very moment it bumped more than just that. How else would it be possible that all the pores of my body would suddenly sigh for her presence? My heart was bumping feelings, and some ejoyable ones I must say.

I approached her, knowing she was absentminded, as she always would be when walking around the park, daydreaming. I softly bumped into her, on purpose, making her wobble and grabbing her from the shoulder to prevent her fall. "-I'm sorry, I just saw you and couldn't resist the urge to ask you for a hug-" I said, without really knowing what I was saying, it just came out like that. She looked up, hastly, as if she was in a hurry to see who was the boy that had said those words to her. Her expression changed in a heartbeat, her eyes widened and her cheeks started to adquire a certain amount of colour as she tried to hide her smile by biting her lower lip. She couldn't hold it any longer, she just let it happen, the smile found its place in her face and she hugged me, snuzzling her head on my chest while I held her head on my arms, stroking her hair and letting my fingers get lost through it. I would not be able to tell how much time did the hug last, but I can tell I wouldn't have minded if it was an hour. I had no idea until then how real she was, how good she made me feel. "-You are indeed, huggable-" I said, as we moved away from each other slightly.

She looked at me, and feigned an upset frown, moving her hands to her hips. "-But we agreed that you wouldn't come until the exams were over!-" she complained, visibly having a hard time to hold her smile. I melted as soon as I heard her speak. I simply loved it. Then, I wondered for a moment if my face was smiling as stupidily as hers. "I bet it is" I thought. I scratched the back of my head, trying to look for an answer. She was completly right, we had agreed to that, and there was still one exam for her to do. I gulped and cleared my throat, looking down at her. She was so cute it was disarming. "-I... I just. I just couldn't wait any longer, I'm sorry, Buh-" I finaly said, cunningly, knowing she just wouldn't be able to reproach me. Not if I used that name, not if I looked at her like that. She looked to me. "- Damn you, cheater. Get your spells off, shooo!-" she joked, just before her face broke into a huge smile and she grabbed me from the arm. "-A'right. Which plan is it then? A?B?C?D?-" she asked, leaning her head on me as we walked.

I was happy, and anyone could've told that. What they probably would've missed though, is the feeling of completness on the inside. I had everything I needed at that moment, I had everything I wanted. I didn't stop walking to answer, in fact I was still looking ahead when I did. "-Well.. I ditched all of my plans but one-" I said. "-which one did you not ditch then?"- she asked, as we arrived to the stairs that leaded out of the park. I smirked and stopped on the spot. Took a quick glance at her. "-One I put all my cunningness into, Ayrun. The only one that really mattered to me. Plan BE-" I said, watching her tilting her head, curiously, expectantly. "-Plan Be, Be with you-".

That day, was indeed a great day. And eventhough I won't enter into details of what happened and what did not, I will let you know about the one thing I learned.
No matter how good I thought things would go, with Ayrunthings were always simply just better.

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