jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

Two friends talking

 De todo se lee en internet, ¿no? Esto en particular, me ha gustado, y aquí está.

Two friends meet after sometime and they catch up on their lives. At one point, one tells the other about a girl he's been getting to know for some time. His friend can't completly understand the way he's handling it though:

- "Jane must be something special for you to forsake something that's apparently so right." He said, looking at his friend's face for any signs of hesitation.

+ He just shrugged and spoke, calmly. "Jane is, simply put, my soulmate. She's what I've been longing for even before I was able to long for anything. She makes me want to be who I am, literaly. She's the strength that I can't find anywhere else, the only one who can hurt me while making me smile. She's not like me, we're nothing like the other, yet when we're together it feels as if we're the same thing."

- He winced lightly, and touched by his friend's words he said: "On this day I vow to tell her about this the second you tell me she said yes."

+ "Yeah, I'm not too worried about that, since it won't happen, mate." He answered, followed by a sincere laugh, unbelievably unworried.

- He frowned lightly. "Bullshit, If you really believed that you'd be going with Jill"

+ He smiled briefly and shook his head. " Man. You didn't understand a word I said. There's love, which makes you want someone over everything else. And then there's -her- , who makes me just want her more than anyone I could ever love. it doesn't matter how absurd it gets. Even if I was told that I need to learn to fly to get her, you'd see me out there, jumping and falling, everyday for the rest of my life. That's what she is to me."

The friend took a few moments to think, then approached him. He opened his arms and gave him a hug, saying the only thing that made sense to him at that time.

- "And you'll fly."


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