domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

The storm is comming.

Sometimes you just know when a storm is comming...

" I'm a feelings driven person, I have a very hard time concealing what I feel, let alone trying not to feel it. So it never just rains here, because if there's rain, it's always a storm."

Time stops for no one and for no thing. It keeps pushing through, sometimes it wastes, some times it strengthens, but it never leaves things as they are.
I tried to be the flame that melted your ice. My flame was small in comparison to you, just a candle against an iceberg. But I strongly believed in you, I strongly believed that one day the ice would melt... because even the strongest and biggest chunk of ice melts against the smallest flame if it's kept alight for long enough time.

So I was there, waiting, holding that candle for what looked like a lifetime..
And one day, one splendid day, the ice melted enough to let you move, to let you feel the warmth of things... but you didn't even notice my small flame, so marveled by the many other things around that you were able to notice then. And for some reason the flame, even if ignored, refused to leave your side... and then I knew:
That I would've hold that flame forever, because I was not keeping it there just for you, but for me as well.

So I'll hand it to you, one last time. You can blow, you can rain, you can ice you can storm on it... but it'll never, ever die.

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